Multiple Client Manager
Easy. Transparent. Choose your permission levels.

With Multiple Client Manager, Automizy lets you easily jump in between your clients' subaccounts.
Quickly toggle between clients, their campaigns, and their analytics.
Manage your client's permission levels and onboard them easily.‌

Reporting & Analytics 
Understandable. Actionable. Comprehensive. 

Showcase your reporting expertise and get your client's attention with visually recognizable, structured, and beautiful Analytics. 
Our in-depth analytics will satisfy their curiosity: track open and click rates, engagement rates, heatmaps, and more! 

Boost your clients' email marketing.

Our Knowledgebase for Agencies: Learn and meet your client's needs faster and easier. 

How to choose the right

Email Marketing Automation

solution for your Agency?


Why and How should you Sell

Email Marketing Automation

as an Agency?

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Power up your Agency with Automizy

Your clients will love what you can do with Automizy. 
We'll help you build a professional brand for them!

Why should you apply for our Agency Program?

Email marketing has the highest ROI among all of the digital marketing channels. On the average, Email marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity.

Automizy is a new-generation email marketing automation software that is built for humans (not for coders). Everybody can use it. It takes only minutes to build a workflow for your funnel strategy.

With our sustainable business model specialized for agencies helps you reach stable cash flow providing you ongoing revenue.

Features built for Agencies

Drag & Drop Email builder
Simple. Easy-to-use. A time-saver.

No coding, no annoying bugs. Only beautiful newsletters.
With our intuitive email editor you can create the best looking emails for your clients and amaze them with your professional design skills.  In just 5 minutes.
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Build high converting, automated funnels for your clients

Email marketing is one thing, automation is the next level. It can provide tangible results but can be very problematic for your busy clients.

Designing automated email marketing funnels, onboarding sequences and drip campaigns require expertise that you can provide for your clients. 

Convert more subscribers  to loyal customers for your clients.

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