Artificial Intelligence meets Marketing Automation

Our artificial intelligence is able to optimize the sending frequency of your drip campaigns and automatically does the split testing for you.

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Automatic Split and Multivariate testing

Split testing your emails in your drip campaigns is a time-consuming, difficult but indispensable task. Our brand new feature will automatically evaluate every version of your emails in your drip campaign and continusly improve the overall conversion rate of your automated email workflow.

Automatic Sending Frequency optimization

How frequently and specifically when should you email your leads and customers? This is a question that doesn't have a generally acceptable answer that fits every industry or even company. Every stakeholder needs to test it out himself - why wouldn't you "outsource" this to an AI?

Be part of a journey that disrupts the marketing technology

To be among the first subscribers who will be able to test our new feature when we release our closed beta is not a one-time possibility. We are reinventing the marketing automation industry as we know today and the way marketers work. As a closed beta tester, you will always be able to try our new features like messaging system optimization, AI-driven copywriting or predictive analytics much earlier than others.

Let the A.I. help you focus on the new era's challenges

The amount of data and information and the continuously changing technological environment requires new skills from you. Don't do repetitive work anymore, move to a more strategic position instead! A.I. today is able to help you out with the boring tasks while lets you focus on the challenges of the new era.

“Most marketers test manually… imagine several iterations automatically populating and optimizing in real-time. Exciting stuff!”

Douglas Karr
Founder of The Marketing Tech Blog, CMO of CircuPress, CEO of DK New Media

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Only the first 100 people are accepted!

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