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Plan your marketing strategy

How to set up your first lead generation funnel


Design lead nurturing process

How to nurture your leads to close much more deals

Plan&Create contents in the funnel

How to use content marketing to support your funnel


Start Marketing Automation

How to automate your processes to grow your business even faster

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About the Author

Gabor has been working more than 20 years in software development, more than 10 years in IT project management and also having the serious of 10+ years experience in email marketing and marketing automation. Aside from running a successful business, Gabor is also an email marketing and marketing automation consultant and works for clients like GE Money and Bridgestone in Hungary, for several banks and insurance companies in CEE region and for DHL in the US.

Koncz Gabor
CEO, Automizy

Want to have a solid, high performing online marketing system instead of the inefficient and uncertain selling attempts?

In our course we show you the methodology we use at Automizy and it's used by lots of other SaaS businesses like Hubspot, Slack, Unbounce, Ziteboard and more... It's only for $19 if you pre-register now.
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Are you sick of doing your online marketing without real results? Spending out emails manually but no paying clients?
It IS very important to have a solid marketing that grows your business day by day. And it is also really important to automate as many things in your processes as it is possible.

WHY: A whopping 68% of B2B organizations have not identified their funnel.

YES. 68%. Are you want to be one of them? And before you question this fact: we didn't made up this statistic it's not even our research.
This is a marketingsherpa survey:
Do you know why is this happening? Because there are no training courses on online marketing for B2B SaaS companies. Well, there are but for incredibly high prices... How could anyone do something he hasn't learnt yet?
But the truth is that it's not their fault. Company owners and marketers are smart people. You are not an exception... It's just because lots of companies can't afford to pay for really expensive education. Also it is pretty expensive to pay a marketing and business advisor.
On the other hand, you can find lots of little pieces of knowledge but it's not a complete framework. Not a methodology and not a SaaS business specific knowledge.
So how can you hack the system and gather information that is actually important and focused? How can you gather those tricks to one place that are really validated? How can you have a complete framework that will help you grow faster day by day?

Can you see now that most of the B2B companies don't know how to grow fast?

We are a B2B SaaS startup too so we wanted to collect as much knowledge as we can for ourselves. We believe that if you can copy and paste the 80% of the industry leader companies' knowledge and test the rest 20% for yourselves, you will grow very fast. And this is how we designed this online course: we give you a framework that consists of proven approaches (that was tested out by HubSpot, DigitalMarketer and lots of industry leading companies) that are must-have knowledge for every business owner and marketer. But we filtered this knowledge and useed only SaaS related information. After this process we created an action plan from it. This is how started our online marketing AND business development strategy. And this is what we want to give to you as well.
Here is our high-level syllabus of our online course:

This is why we created this 15 steps guide training course especially for B2B SaaS business owners and marketers for a surprisingly low price.

How to set up your first lead generation funnel

How to take advantage of inbound marketing in your funnel

How to use content marketing to support your funnel

How to generate traffic to your funnel

How to nurture your leads to close much more deals

Concrete email workflow templates that are used by us

Concrete email templates that are used by us

How to automate your processes to save time and grow your business even faster


...and so much more.

I personally would have appreciated if I could have started with a complete framework. Because it saves so much valuable time and gives focused information that is important mainly to B2B SaaS businesses that gives a head start on the market.

Therefore no matter you are running or just started your business, it will actually help you grow faster and scale to the next level.

We combine the methodology of industry leading companies, like Digital Marketer or HubSpot and offer it for a very good price! Because these type of courses are really expensive, usually for $300-400 (or more). We will offer it for $199 BUT IF YOU PRE-REGISTER NOW, you can have it for ONLY $19!
No cheat, no trick. It is because we value those people and companies who want to learn, study and improve.
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Do I have to pay to pre-register to the course?

NO. You don't have to give us credit card number, mobile phone or any information. We'll just give you the offer with 90% discount through email. You decide then whether you want to participate in the course or not.


It will show you how to build up your lead generation funnel and how to grow your business through a proven marketing framework.

What is this online course about?

Who can join the course?

The course is mainly designed meet B2B SaaS business owners' and marketers' needs but you're welcome if you are a marketing advisor or just interested in it.

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