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What is this Guide?

Product marketing is an approach to design your software for high growth. This will define your whole marketing strategy and efforts. This guide helps you understand and get started with it!

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About the Author

He has been working more than 20 years in software development, more than 10 years in IT project management and also having the serious of 10+ years experience in email marketing and marketing automation.
Aside from running a successful business, Gabor is also an email marketing and marketing automation consultant and works for clients like GE Money, DHL, Bridgestone and for several banks and insurance companies.
He also appears at multiple online marketing
college as a guest speaker, and a well-known speaker at online marketing related conferences.
Gabor speaks 4 languages, has three kids and he is a serious golf addict.

Koncz Gabor

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What is product marketing?

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How to choose the right marketing strategy?

How to build your product for high growth?

How to scale your business?

How to use contents in your funnels?

Who should read it?

Product marketing affects every marketer in your company:
product marketers, CMOs, customer success managers, content marketers, email marketers and marketing automation specialists.

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