By automating your online marketing and sales processes you will save time and win more sales.


Why automation?

How to start?


You don't need a lot of software but you need a strategy and the right model to grow fast.

How to choose?


Choosing the right software is important therefore you need to know what is important for you.

What is this Guide about?

Start automating your processes today and win more leads and close much more deals! How can you do that? Yes, this guie will take you through the WHOLE PROCESS!

Topics: What marketing automation is, how it can help your marketing and sales. Also there are lots of myths about marketing automation that are not true (for example it's expensive, requires great knowledge and more!). In addition, we give you every must-have ingredients for your online marketing (such as inbound marketing methodology, buyer personas, content types, etc.)

About the Author

He has been working more than 20 years in software development, more than 10 years in IT project management and also having the serious of 10+ years experience in email marketing and marketing automation.
Aside from running a successful business, Gabor is also an email marketing and marketing automation consultant and works for clients like GE Money and Bridgestone in Hungary, for several banks and insurance companies in CEE region and for DHL in the US.

Koncz Gabor
CEO, Automizy

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